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Practice Running a Sectional - Error Detection Tool

It is important to recognize running a sectional is not always an intuitive skill. One such way to build this skill is with a mock sectional using an Error Detection Tool . How it works There are six copies of the score - one copy that has the music with no errors and five other copies that have miscellaneous errors (rhythm, notes, articulations, dynamics, etc). The student leader playing "section leader" looks off of the correct music, where the other student leaders play off the parts with errors. Note: remind the student leaders acting as "students" to play exactly what is on the page until corrected. Give the "section leader" 5-10 minutes to "rehearse" the music catching and correcting as many errors as they can. Focus Use the time in this mock sectional to discuss and build upon these concepts: How to start/stop the group. When should we stop? Rehearsal Techniques Chunking Add-a-note (chaining) Slowing it down Altering the rhythm Modeling Fu