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How to Schedule a Meeting

The very first thing I teach my student leaders is how to respond to a meeting request and how to schedule a meeting. Qualities of a good leader, conflict resolution, goal setting, and vision are all great things, but if they are not in the room to begin with all is lost. Because of this, attendance is the #1 priority of our student leaders. Of course there are a number of ways to schedule a meeting. The go-to-default option most students use is Pin The Tail on the Donkey method where they just throw out one date/time after another until they (randomly) hit a time when everyone can be there. This is not efficient OR effective. I highly recommend, instead, students and staff use a scheduling tool. Tools When scheduling a meeting there are a number of tools available for free or on subscription. Personally, I like free and use the two tools Doodle or . Both sites find common times when everyone is available by selecting your own availability, sending out a link, and then

7 Tips to Writing an Effective Email

Students must be able to communicate effectively and professionally. In today’s time, that means email especially. Below are seven fixes that I have had to frequently correct when my student leaders send emails. This advice does not go into detail on the obvious. Instead I have focused these pages on the errors and fixes that I have most experienced in well meaning senior leaders. As such, I have written the following paragraphs as if I were talking to my students. Include a specific subject There is nothing more obnoxious for a busy person than to receive an email with (no subject). Equally annoying is when the subject line is vague like “Can I ask you a question?” or “URGENT! PLEASE READ!!!!”  What do you think is going on in my mind when I read that title? These vague or absent subject lines are the equivalent of being called to the principal’s office without being told why. Did I accidentally break some policy? Has funding for our program been cut? Is a student injured?! Only after